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Like they say, your body is a temple, so if you love your skin as much as your body then you’re probably already using organic beauty products. If not, here’s 5 reasons to make the switch. It might just work out better for you and the planet.

With the ever-increasing modern-day stresses and environmental issues we face, it’s no wonder it’s becoming harder to keep our bodies healthy and our skin looking younger. All of this has a huge impact on our appearance which speeds up the ageing process. That’s why it’s so important to look after yourself with help from beauty products.

But what do you look for when it comes to purchasing skin care or beauty products? The most obvious question is, does it work? Does it do what it claims and will you get the results they advertise?

This will vary depending on the product, but in most cases, organic beauty products work just as well if not better.

You Get results

Everyone is different so every case will be different but most people will either be hypersensitive or not. It always helps when you know your skin well, what your allergic to and the reactions you might have had in the past. It’s always best to test and even get recommendations. There is a myriad of resources online to help you with your decision.

Better for you

Organic beauty products, I mean real certified organic beauty products are free from harmful chemicals or nasty additives. This does not mean that all organic beauty products won’t cause a reaction but most are made without those harmful chemicals that can cause reactions to sensitive skin. Most times if it’s natural or organic, it’s should be better for you but always check the labels.

It’s More Ethical

This includes products that are cruelty-free and produced through ethical means. For example, vegan beauty products go as far as to avoid any animal testing and adopt a cruelty-free policy. This also means the people who produce the products are treated fairly and looked after. This could also extend to the company or brand promoting and support social causes.

It’s Eco-friendly 

Anything that is organic will be better for you and the environment. Organic beauty products are produced in a sustainable manner. Factors like water waste, energy consumption, material use are all consider in the production. This includes the way products are produced and packaged. Packaging could be made from recyclable, refillable and biodegradable material.

Buyer beware, not all products claiming to be natural are natural and not all organic products are organic. Even though there’s been a massive demand and trend with people making the switch organic beauty products, it still pays to do your due diligence so you can make informed shopping choices.

Have you made the switch to organic beauty products yet?

Come on, what are you waiting for?

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