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One cannot hinder from experiencing stress. However, too much stress is not anymore good to our body system. That is why there is a need to distress ourselves from time to time. Bear in mind that to relive yourself from stress you need not to spend a fortune or go to a retreat or to somewhere far.

There are simple and easy ways on how to be relieved from stress. These are by meditation, breathing deeply, slowing down your phase and expectations; reach out to people and assessing your overall self.

5 Helpful tips to help you manage stress

Follow these five helpful stress relieving tips to get a relaxing life you deserved.You don’t need a retreat or spa weekend to eliminate all of your stress. Relieving stress can take less time than you think.

1. Meditate

To help ease anxiety, a few minutes of meditation practice per day can get you out of it. Research recommends that daily meditation may change the brain’s neural pathways that make you more flexible to stress.

How to do meditation? It is simple. Just sit up straight, breast out with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes and focus your attention on reciting “I love myself” or “I feel at peace”. Put your one hand on your belly to sync the hymn with your breaths. Allow any disturbing thought float like clouds.

2. Breathe Deeply

Have a break and focus on your breathing. Sit up straight, close your eyes with a hand on your belly. Gradually inhale through your nose, breath begin in your abdomen and do its way to the top of your head. Reverse the procedure as you exhale through your mouth.

Deep breathing counters the results of stress by lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate.

3. Be Present

Slow down and take one action at a time. Focus only one behavior with awareness. Observe and feel how your feet feel hitting the ground and how the air feels on your face when you are walking. Relish the taste and texture of each bite of food you take. When you use your time in the instant and focus on your senses, you can feel less tense.

4. Reach Out

One of your best agents for handling stress is your social networks. Talk to others, if possible, face to face or even on the phone. Share what’s going on with your life. You can get a new perspective while keeping your connection to others healthy.

5. Tune Into Your Body

Mentally check your body to get a sense of how stress affects it each day. Sit with your feet on the floor or lie on your back. Begin at your toes and work it up to your scalp, noticing how your body feels.

Simply be conscious of places you sense tight or loose without trying to change anything. For 1 to 2 minutes, picture out every deep breath flowing to your body. Repeat this method as you move your focus on your body

Hope this has been helpful for you and if you have any tips on how you manage stress that we haven’t mentioned, please do share in the comments section.

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