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When it comes to decluttering your life, the rule of thumb is to keep it simple. So often we are faced with challenges and decisions that complicate our life situation. Challenges affecting our lifestyle, health and well-being. Challenges that have us feeling stressed out and needing to declutter our life.

How many times have you started to declutter your life only to find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed? With so much to do and so little time, it’s easy to fall into the cluttered life trap. Feeling disorganised and unsettled most times can lead to stress and possible health issues.

That’s why when you feel like to need to declutter, you need to know how to do it right. So to help you out here’s 7 tips to help you declutter your life today.

7 Tips to declutter your life today

But where do I start?

Tip no. 1

Start with where you’re at right now. That’s right! If you’re on your phone, take some time out after this post to clean up your phone. Re-organise your phone, your apps, your to-do list and everything else on it. Delete what you don’t need off it.

Tip no.2

Next, move on to clearing out workspace. Now, this could be your home office, your work office, your car, van, however you spend your working 8 hours.

There’s no better time for spring cleaning then the present.  Start with cleaning up your workspace. Throw out old notes and old coffee cups or anything else that you no longer need.

For everything else, re-organise and create a simple system to help you stay on top. All those notes and receipts, label them and file away for record keeping.

Tip no.3

Moving on to a tip that you can’t miss out on. Cleaning out the bedroom and renewing that bedroom energy. That’s right, the bedroom is where we spend the other 8 hours of our life. Got dirty laundry? Take it out! Have you got old bed sheets? Maybe it’s time for a change, out with the old and in with the new.

If you feel like you need more love in the bedroom, make it! Reorganise or rearrange things like moving the tv to another room so you can spend quality time to renew that bedroom energy. Trust me, this works wonders for relationships.

If this step seems too complicated or doesn’t appply to you, skip it. Once you’re done with your bedroom, move on the next tip on the list.

Tip no.4

The remaining hours spent in the kitchen, preparing, cooking and feeding our bodies. Actually, some people spend more time in the kitchen than they do in the bedroom. For example, chefs and cooks, probably cook at work and cook at home.

Clean the kitchen of unnecessary items, old unused pots, plates and anything else that can go out. Re-organise your kitchen stuff in storage containers like repurposed glass jars.

Tip no.5

Where to now? Where else do I spend time? Maybe checking your finances? However you like to manage your finances, this is important if not the most important tip here. Do you have bills to pay? Pay them or make suitable arrangements. Unused gym memberships? Yes, you can do it! You can cancel all those gym memberships you don’t really use. Whatever is draining your finances and preventing you from budgeting right, needs to go.

Are kids draining your finances? Haha, Sorry, you’re stuck with them… but only until they’re 18.

Tip no.6

By now, you should feel a lot better and with finances all sorted, time to move on to your diet. While you’re cleaning out your diet, start by removing all bad foods from your diet. Foods like meat, processed food and soft drinks. Yuck! If you really, really want to declutter then you need to make sure you eat well. Eat natural, organic, whole foods. Hey, but no ones perfect so if you can reduce that bad stuff, then that’s a start.

Tip no.7

Now for your pastimes, hobbies, rostered time off and how you spend your leisure time if any. Do you want to do everything but never have enough time? Well, if that’s you, just cut it out! Cut out the least important things on your list of things to do. For example, you want to learn 3 new languages but have a hard time doing so. Don’t feel bad about it, cut out the least important ones so you can focus on working on the most important one.

Yes, I do believe that it’s important to plan these things out sometimes, other times, it’s best to just jump in and do it! It’s times when we feel so unsettled that it’s better to jump straight in and get started. Who knows by taking on these tips, you might just get your life back.

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