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There’s nothing better then cooking with fresh, organic herbs picked straight from your very own herb garden. After growing a few herbs here and there, here’s a list that we’ve put together of 8 easy herbs you can grow at home yourself.

Most of the herbs listed below grow well indoors as long as their’s good access to sun, light and water. So without further a due, here’s our list below.

8 Easy Herbs to Grow at Home


An easy plant to grow but not a tough plant. Use the smaller globe types of basil for indoor growing. Many of the larger types are too large and will cause space problems. Make sure you keep pinching off the flower heads so that the plant will keep throwing out new leaves all season. We’ve tried planting from seed and while I have had some success, we had better luck working with baby plants.



Coriander plants like sunny spots in the garden, well drained soil, regular watering and fertilising. Look for Vietnamese coriander, it’s easier to grow than regular coriander. Not ideal for summer as it can get too hot but perfect for almost every other season if you plan of growing indoor or in pots. It’s always been one of the easy herbs to grow at home for us. Coriander is a pungent herb which complements Asian and Indian style dishes.Fresh coriander plants


This herb is probably the easiest herbs to grow at home, hands down. if planted in a good spot with enough lighting, it will provide you with good supply all year round. Rosemary can grow quite tall and wide and can grows well in large pots or containers. Survives well in Summer but be careful not to over water. Hearty herb with winter stews and soups but also good with baked potatoes.rosemary


If you’re new to indoor herbs, then Parsley is a great herb to start off with. A herb that loves sunny areas but is hardy and versatile making it another easy herb to grow at home, indoors, in the kitchen. Parsley comes in 2 basic varieties, flat leaf or curly. Parsley likes to be planted in spring and needs a moderate to low amount of water and fertilisation. If you choose to start parsley from seed, soak it in warm water to crack the seed coat before sowing it. Great for Italian dishes and grows well in gardens or containers.


What I love about lemongrass is you don’t even need to plant in soil, making this a keeper in the kitchen, for easy access for you many Asian inspired dishes. Lemongrass can be grown from seed, purchased as a starter plant, or propagated in water from the fresh herb in the grocery store. If planting in water, place the stalk in couple inches of water in a jar and let it grow. The stalk will produce more roots and dozen new shoots in no time. Great for outdoor growing as well.Lemongrass


A great addition to the list of easy herbs to grow at home are chives. They grow almost anywhere where they can get full sun and moist soil. Chives are one of those herbs that love winter and cool weather. Even though we grow up in families that would use chives in home meals, I don’t personally use a lot of chives in my dishes, unless its in an Asian infused soup or Mediterranean style dip or sauce.


The 2 common varieties of mint, spearmint and peppermint grow like weeds. Mint love their space and will tend take over other herbs in the garden. Peppermint is the better variety to grow indoors where space is limited and harvesting is more frequent. Start your peppermint plants with seeds in a small pot or container full of good organic soil. Pepper mint loves the shade but don’t forgot, like all herbs, peppermint do need some sun throughout the day. We mainly use mint for teas and toxins. Good for Asian infused soup, like our favorite winter dish, the famous Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho.



Now this is a herb that you’ll find in every Mediterranean household cupboard. This is like the perfect herb as it doesn’t spread too much when planted next to other herbs. The Greek variety requires a nice sunny spot because it needs six to eight hours of sunlight a day. It’s easy to grow from cuttings. A few cuttings at the end of summer and leave out in a cup of water to get it started. Oregano is amazing when I’m making Zaatar, or oregano pizza, which is a Middle Eastern breakfast style pizza.


Tips to remember:

Each herb should have it’s own container or pot.
Ample drainage as herb are suseptable to fungus and roots need to breather
Use high-quality potting soil that contains vermiculite or perlite for adequate drainage
Feed to promote leaf growth
Water herbs at the base not leaves
Good rule of thumb is let the soil dry between waterings
Don’t over water – if leaves start to turn yellow, this is the first sign of over-watering

Did I miss any of your favorite herbs to grow at home here? Please do share.


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