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It’s Xmas madness again! Can you believe Xmas is already here? That special time for giving and enjoying the company of family and friends. But have you stop to think about how sustainable Xmas is and the impact it has on the planet?

Would you like to do your bit for the planet and have a sustainable merry Xmas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here we have 8 ways you can reduce your impact on the planet and still have a jolly good time.

8 Ways to Have a Sustainable Merry Xmas

  1. Cut down on meat. Australia ranks in the top 3 list of meat-consuming countries. There are numerous studies and research on the amount of impact meat and the meat industry have on the planet, namely animal agriculture. A great, must-see documentary that goes into details about the impact of animal agriculture is cowspiracy.
  2. Buy Local. When making sustainable purchasing decisions, always remember that buying local is always better. Whether it may be local produce or gifts, buying local means less carbon emission from transport and logistics.
  3. Practical Presents. In an effort to have a sustainable merry Xmas, cut down on the material gifts and gift wrapping and instead gift someone with a service. Do something good like giving a good massage or perhaps a fun day out. If you do buy gifts, buy gifts that can be recycled, up cycled and are practical, useful and sustainable.
  4. Watch Your Power Usage. We tend to use more power around Xmas time with lighting decoration. How about using led lights instead? Just as always, remember to make an effort to switch off power to unused appliances as well.
  5.  Donate excess. What do we do with the all the presents and gifts we don’t want? We donate them. This goes without saying. Not only will you prevent more waste going to the landfills, but you could also be helping someone less fortunate enjoy a merry Xmas.
  6. Stop food waste. If you’re cooking or helping out in the kitchen, always try to plan the meals to avoid food waste. If you can’t avoid that then the next best thing is to make sure all food scraps can go to the compost of green waste bins.
  7. Drink sustain-ably. Yes, that’s right, we can all drink sustain-ably this Xmas. You can buy organic or carbon neutral beers and wine that are better for the planet and might taste just as good. If you haven’t tried, it might be something worth trying this Xmas.
  8. Recycle, recycle, recycle. As you already know, Xmas creates a lot of waste so recycle whatever you can. Xmas cards, cardboard boxes and all that gift wrapping. Every bit of recycling prevents more waste going to landfills.

So when it comes to Xmas this year round, have a think about your impact on the environment and how you can help do good for the planet. By having a sustainable merry Xmas, you are making an effort to do your bit to make this world a better place.

As this is the last post for the year, we would like to wish you a sustainable merry Xmas and sustainable new year!

Have a good time, best wishes and see you in the new year!