This is Our Story. How it all began.

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My name is Kevin and I am proud to introduce my partner in crime, my wife, Rhonda, who has been the inspiration to this movement. Rhonda and I, along with our 3 beautiful kids have always tried to live a healthy life, but as you know, a busy lifestyle can really impact your health choices.

our story

We created The Organic Society to empower families and communities to eat well, do good and live better.

After the awesome changes we made in our lives, we wanted to share our passion with the hope to inspire others to eat well, do good and live better.

Embracing the organic lifestyle, we realised a big part of living organically and sustainably, was giving back, back to nature, back to the environment and back to the community.

In the process of creating a better life, we realised living an organic life that was sustainable for us and for the environment and everything in it was the best decision we had ever made.

Founded late 2017, marks the beginning of our story, the movement, The Organic Society.

The Art Of Sustainable Living.

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