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There is nothing easy about keeping a clean home when you got a house full of kids, especially during school holidays. But when you clean as much as I do with kids arounds, it’s better to use natural cleaning products.

Some might say I have OCD when it comes to cleaning but I feel comfort in keeping a clean home.

I started using natural cleaning products, like white vinegar, baking soda, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil when I first fell pregnant, which I’m sure a lot of mothers can relate to.

Most mother’s I know went through the same thing when they fell pregnant. They become more conscious of the products they use and the safety of their family. The upside is 2 fold, switching to natural cleaning products is good for your health and better for the planet.

Most household cleaning products bought at the supermarket do a good job cleaning but will expose you and your family to dangerous chemicals and toxins. Yeah, it might not kill you straight away but over time, exposure to any toxins and dangerous chemicals will damage your health and possibly kill you.

That’s why I made the switch, for my health and the health of my family.

Cleaning after 4 kids (my husband can be a kid sometimes) can be trying at times but as an expert in keeping a clean home, I wish to share some eco-friendly tips to help you get that home sparkly clean that won’t break your budget.

10 Easy Tips to Clean Your Home

Tip #1

Get rid of all the nasty household cleaners and make the switch to natural cleaning products. You can start with a few items like baking soda and vinegar or you can purchase great products from companies such as Biome. Check out the links for a good place to start looking for great natural cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom.

Tip #2

Always keep natural cleaning products handy. I keep white vinegar and baking soda handy underneath the kitchen sink for easy access. As soon as the cooking is done and meals are prepared, I pull out the baking soda and add a few drops lemon juice to give it a fresh fragrance and start cleaning. You can check out some more awesome cleaning hacks with baking soda here.

We also keep a handy stash of baking soda, white vinegar, borax, salt, essential oils or lemon juice not to mention a list of other great products in the laundry.

Tip # 3

Keep it simple with home decor and adopt a minimalist approach to decorating your home.

I get asked all the time, “How do I keep my house so clean?” The simple answer is we keep it simple. When you have less stuff in your house, it’s easier to clean and when it’s quicker to clean, life doesn’t feel so crazy.

So maybe it’s time to declutter your home and clear out unnecessary items.

Tip # 4

Clean as often as you clean so there’s no build up and you will never have to do spring clean in your life.

It’s not easy cleaning often but when the family works as a team and cleans up after themselves then it’s a lot less pressure. If your babies are still small, then get your husband or wife to help out.

Tip # 5

Plan your days and keep your home life organised.

Life is busy and hectic at the best of times and that’s why it’s always better to stay organised so you don’t lose your mind. I know it’s hard to find time to plan and organise things but if you failure to plan then you plan to fail.

To make things easier, here’s a list of great cleaning hacks I would recommend you try that might make your life easier.

I don’t like cleaning but I like to keep a clean house, just ask Kevin, I go crazy when my house is house is a mess. I’m constantly cleaning after the kids so I like to use natural cleaning products that are safe for my family and better for the planet.

I hope this help in some form or another. Do you have some natural cleaning products your would recommend? Maybe you would like to share some cleaning hacks.

Leave your thoughts and comments below.