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Is hemp is the new Superfood?

Since the beginning of time, hemp has been a plant used for paper, textiles, and cordage and about tens of thousands of other uses and is only now coming into the spotlight with growing awareness.

Until late, research data was restricted to research companies or other associated institutions due to the fact that hemp was portrayed as an evil plant and prohibited substance by the main stream media. Nowadays, with the growing awareness of the benefits of hemp, more and more people are turning to hemp as an alternative health supplement.

As of November the 12th this year, Hemp became legal for human consumption in Australia and people are going crazy for hemp.

First of all,

Hemp as a food source mainly comes in 3 forms, either as hemp seeds, hemp powder or hemp oil that can be easily added to all your meals. Pack high in protein and full of 20 essential amino acids our bodies need along with Omega-3 & 6. This makes hemp the perfect food.

Hemp is the New Super Food

Hemp is good for digestive health, for weight lost and good for hair, skin and nails. It’s also consider perfect protein as it includes 20 essential amino acids with a natural balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 which makes it an excellent source of nutrition.

For a more in depth article on the benefits of hemp as a health supplement, read 7 Benefits of Eating Hemp Seeds You Won’t Believe.

One of the selling points as to why hemp is the new superfood is clearly illustrated below with a comparsion with hemp protein and whey protein.

Man! I’ve been using cheese protein, protein derived isolated liquid material from cheese. I’m been literately making cheese shakes, not protein shakes.


See for those that don’t know, hemp comes from the plant family known as cannabis sativa. So hemp has always had a bad rap and even deemed illegal for human consumption. For an in depth look into the history of hemp, visit http://www.voteindustrialhemp.com/.

With years of lobbying and protesting the health benefits for not just hemp but cannabis as well, has made a huge positive impact on the health of so many. On November 12, the laws changed to allow hemp for human consumption and now we can all enjoy the benefits of hemp as the new superfood.

The fact that hemp wins by a mile when it comes to health benefits clearly shows that we have mean high mislead from the truth and sold on what was convenient.

Stuff convenience! Convenience need no good for me.

I made the switch…from the white powder to the green powder. Hemp over Whey anyday!

So that’s why when you look at the comparison between Hemp and Whey, there is no argument as to why Hemp is the New Superfood.


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