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Are you looking to setup an organic garden at home? Don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right spot. With the ever increasing popularly in organic gardens we thought we’d share our experiences and what we learnt in our journey to re-create the organic “garden of eden”.

More and more people today are interested in starting their own organic gardens at home. From the suburban families to the city slickers, people are becoming aware of the need to have access to clean, organic food. For one, it’s cheaper to grow your own fruits & vegies, second, you can grow it free of pesticide and nasty fertilizers.

How to Set up an Organic Garden at Home

There are many different ways you could setup an organic garden at home. It is all up to your imagination but ultimately for you to setup an organic garden, there are a few tips to follow that will help you create a self-sufficient and sustainable organic garden.

What you need to get started,

For the vegie patch,

  • 2 x Bunnings raised garden bed frames
  • 9 x bags of soil
  • 1 x small shovel
  • 1 x hand drill

For the compost,

  • Bunnings compost bin
  • whatever else it needs

For irrigation system,

  • Water tank or access to recycled rain water

For more details of irrigations systems, check it out here..

With a spare weekend a bit of help from the family, you can setup an organic garden at home in a weekend.

The simplest way to setup an organic garden at home from scratch to purchase ready to assemble garden beds like the one’s The Organic Garden co range sold at your local Bunnings or gardening supplies store.

Ultimately with more yard space you have the more freedom to be more creative with the materials you can use, like recycled, salvage timber which is more eco-friendly.

For a more advanced guide on how to setup an organic garden, you can find out how to incorporate permaculture into the mix to create a natural healthy eco system for your organic garden to thrive without the use of nasty or so-called organic pesticides.

More on permaculture can be found here ….Good Housing Keeping’s Blog.

Step1. Time to start building the planter boxes.

There was a fair few screws/bolts but nothing too serious, It was a hot day when I put ours together, so still manage to put it together without breaking a sweat.

Now it’s time for the hustle and shake, time to assemble it as per the instructions. (word of warning: It’s always better to check instructions first before trying to assemble things, it’s reason they give us manuals, to help us.) The easiest way to setup an organic garden to follow the instructions.

Now once you’ve assembled it and it’s flush with the ground, you’re ready for the next step, pouring the garden bed.

Step 2. Adding the soil to your planter boxes

If you don’t already have access to a compost heap with the humus you want, you can purchase organic compost from your local nursery as well.

Pour first bag, second bag, third bag, break…..it was a hot day, I had to break for water.

Finally, when it filled 3 quarter’s of the way full and you’re happy with the height of the bed, you’ve come the best part of the job.

Step 3. Prepare the soil

So what you do now it plough the soil in a trough or channel, where you plant the seeds. Make sure you have adequate space around each each to allow them enough space to flourish.

Step 4. Plant the seeds

I love planting seeds, it’s the beginning of something new, something beautiful.

When planting them, make sure you have on some sombre tunes on, like Barry White playing in the background to allow them to feel the love to stimulate growth. I heard music helps!

Step 5. Watering your organic garden

And finally when you’re planted the little darlings in the ground. Cover them and give a good amount of water.


With a spare weekend a bit of help from the family, you can start you own organic garden..The Organic Society

Things to note:

Things to look out for when you done and set up an organic garden is to make sure your garden gets enough sun but not too much heat.

If there’s too much sun, you might have to get some temporary shade clothe to cover the garden patch otherwise they can get over exposure to too much sun and end up with a very bad tan and possibly die.

It easy to look after plants, a lot easier them kids, plants don’t need constant attention, unlike kids, but let’s leave that for another blog.


A bit of TLC and good vibe energy, you plants can start to flourish.

Make sure you feed them, keep them clean and healthy and when they’re ready, They’ll look after you. Yum. Yum, in my tum tum.

Just remember, if it’s not organic, don’t you panic, just go green, keep it clean, don’t be shy, give it a try, you might just actually like it.

Just like me.

I’m going green and never going back. Now it’s your turn to set up an organic garden at home.


For more resources on how to build an organic garden.