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When it comes to organic food, it’s not easy to find the most affordable produce unless you know how. We hear so often from people that they would love to eat organic more often but can’t afford it. So for those who would like want to know how, we will share some tips to shop for organic food on a budget.

According to a study by consumer reports, organic food can cost on average, 47% more then the conventional versions. However, the prices can vary from food to food, for example, honey and maple syrup can actually be cheaper when you buy organic.

Why Buy Organic?

The main reason to buy organic is to avoid exposure to pesticide residues found in food. Another reason is to support farming methods that are more sustainable and better for the earth’s soils and water supply. There are nutritional benefits to certain organic foods as well but it pays to check the food labels to make sure you know what you’re buying. There is a difference between organic, certified organic and natural labels.

For more info on the differences between organic and certified organic, check out our post, What’s The Difference Between Organic, Certified Organic and Natural?

How to Shop for Organic Food on a Budget

When it comes to saving money on organic food it helps to know how and where to go to buy it.

  1. Look for sales at your local supermarket – This kind of goes without saying but so many people don’t bother out because their too busy or it’s just convenient. You’ll be amazed that a little saving can go a long way.
  2. Buy in bulk – There are plenty of places where you can save money if you buy in bulk. The source bulkfoods is a great place to start, along with honest to goodness and Organics on a budget.
  3. Buy in season – Whatever is readily available and in season will in most cases always be cheaper to buy. So next time you go food shopping, know what’s in season so you know what you can save money on.
  4. Local farmers markets – You’re always guaranteed to save money when buying at organic farmers markets. Forgot your big chain food retailers, shop at your local farmers markets for the freshest organic produce. Find your nearest farmer’s market in Australia by visiting www.farmersmarkets.org.au/find-a-market/
  5. Join a community-supported agriculture – This is a great way to not just buy organic food on a budget but also a great way to support local food producers and farmers. If you’re looking for a CSA to join in you’re area, check out www.csanetworkausnz.org.
  6. Grow your own – If your concerned about what’s really organic, then growing your own food is the best way to ensure it’s organic. Even if you do all the above, it’s always good to have your own veggie patch. Not only to you save money but it’s a sure way to have the freshest, in season, organic food available.

There are also other things to keep in mind when shopping for organic food on a budget. The below chart will help you make purchasing decisions. This chart below is known as the dirt dozen and the clean 15 and can help make shopping easier.

Everyone can save money and eat organic food that’s safer and free from pesticides. Your health and the health of your family is important. So when it comes to shopping for organic food, plan ahead and you’ll be sure to save some money.

Until next time, Eat well, do good, live better.