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When you think of the pursuit of happiness, what comes to mind?

When we think of the pursuit of happiness, it brings up a lot of different discussions. Happiness is subjective and means different things for everybody. It could mean love, wealth, health or personal success but why is it that so many people are not able to find happiness?

Is it because they don’t know where to start?

See, I think we need to start with our need for basic food as part of our pursuit for happiness.
What we eat, what goes into our body and how we choose to live our life plays a big role in the level of happiness we experience on a regular basis.
For example, someone who has a bad diet consisting of foods that contains GMO or contain nasty preservatives and additives will generally have bad health and it’s secret that bad health will definitely affect your happiness and well being.

It’s a known fact that everyday stress, environmental pollutants and diet are the main cause affecting our lifestyle and happiness.

The fact that bad food can lead to cancer says a lot about how it can affect our happiness.

Just have a look at this video by The Truth About Cancer , where Jeffrey Smith, a leading expert on GMO foods, discusses two deadly poisonous ingredients found in GMOs based on proven research that causes cancerous tumors to form in rats.

Now how does that make you feel? Unhappy? That’s right.

Why should the majority of society be have to resort to processed foods and fast foods that’s making us sick?

See, food is the number 1 human need above everything and without the basic needs for food covered, you can’t be happy.

But we still see this everywhere, with the amount of food in the world, there shouldn’t be world hunger but there is!

So if everyone deserves the right to be happy in their pursuit of happiness, then we need to address our basic food source and what we are being sold by certain media outlets.

Food you eat you eat has a huge impact on your life and one way to get fresh healthy food is buy going organic. I know there are those that want to buy more organic food but can’t because it’s too expensive. I get that but I guarantee you can pick up better deals by visiting farmers markets and local farms for local, fresh produce.

We also know how it is, when you’re a busy family, running around with 3 young kids it can get hectic pretty quick. Grocery Shopping? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
The Organic Society

We know it can be hard to find time to manage your diet, let alone your family’s diet but it’s also a lifestyle choice that we all can make.

You just need to start someone and if want happiness, it starts with your diet. Just have a read this article from Deakin University titled “How to eat your way to happiness’, discussing how diet and depression may be linked for the perfect way to start.

I’m afraid for the most part we have been mislead about our food and lied to about the real facts, all for the sake of feeding greedy corporation’s bottom line.

But if you want to live better, you need to make a choice. If you want happiness, you need to start with your basic food source, if you’re diet is shit, then it’s harder to be happy. So make that choice to find happiness and start with what goes into your body.


We’d like to wish you all the best in your pursuit of happiness!


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