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The biggest debate going on in the organic industry is whether or not organic food is healthier than conventional food or non-organic foods. It’s a question we must ponder on because it’s become a war on our food supply with people being between the two groups. Here we’ll discuss the pros and cons for both sides of the story

Is Organic Food Healthier than Conventional Food?

When it comes to food, there can be so many contradictories stories, it’s almost like propaganda. That’s especially true when we discuss topics relating to the organic industry. With a booming industry such as the organic food industry, awareness and information is required to really understand organic food is really about. The biggest question is…

Is Organic Food Healthier than Conventional Food?The People

Well, there’s nothing to prove that organic food has more nutritional value than conventional food. Organic food generally means the food is free of harmful pesticides and fertilisers. That’s a big plus for organic food.

A survey shows people chose to go organic because they believe the food is tastier, more nutritious and safer.

There’s people on both sides of the camp, from conventional farmers to organic farmers, claiming organic food is better.

I admit, I believe nothing beats organic when it comes to taste and freshness but you don’t always have that option especially if it’s about cost. Cost plays a huge part in deciding how you eat as organic produce can be dearer if you don’t shop around.

But it’s nothing to stress about as long as you know you have choices and choosing to eat organic is a lifestyle choice.

When you’re in doubt you can follow the dirty dozen and the clean 15 guides to choosing the most common fruits and vegetables.

Found a handy guide to help make those choices when it comes to buying organic food. For more information, you can go to the EWG’s website https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/dirty_dozen_list.php#.Wix8TUqWaM-

Next time when you need to make the choice, follow the dirty dozen or the clean 15 guides and you should be fine but nothing beats organic food.

Food that free of nasty pesticides and harmful fertilisers will always be healthier and fresher.

We hope that article has help in anyway.


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