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The world is becoming more conscious about living in sync with the environment and contributing to its growth with choices that are more sustainable. Skylights in your home are one such option that can save you on your energy bills and contribute to a healthy living environment.

Interiors, homes or offices, require electricity on a regular basis as people cannot do without it and depend on it for most the jobs on their daily checklist. Much time is spent in front of the computers and laptops and effects the eyes with not much help coming from the light bulbs.

Natural light can be used to lighten up the space even on cloudy days and skylights can be used according to help with your needs. There are designers out there that can work with natural sunlight to let home owners enjoy good amount of light that is healthy and reliable.

Adding more windows and glass walls is not always the best solution for bringing in more light in as it can depend on the design of your interior and furnishings.

Skylights have become an easy way as it gets installed on the roof and users are not required to break their walls. The best way to bring in light is through the ceiling no matter where the sun rises or sets the light is sure to enter. It is assumed that skylights are luxury features that people use to increase the worth of space. But, skylights offer much more than just adding value to the interiors. Warehouses, shopping malls, library and grocery stores use them to utilize the natural energy in the best possible way and giving back to the environment.

Plastic skylights and tubular skylights are some of the variants that can be installed anywhere in homes and offices for well light up space and fill the dark spots. The dome shaped tubular skylight is placed on the roof and is well connected to a tube that allows the light inside home.

While the initial installation cost may be a little higher but, the features and advantages outweigh the price sooner or later. Some of the ways that home owners can use skylights to promote green living includes:

  1. Use of double-pane skylights: It gives up to 20% reduction in heat loss as compared to single pane skylights.
  2. Skylights with low conductivity frame like fiberglass, vinyl and wood.
  3. Use of skylights that have been designed with Low-E glass coating. This glazing is a virtual invisible layerArticle Submission, metallic oxide or metal.

Natural light is believed to improve the productivity and the mood and glowing the dark corners of the house with light would definitely take the sluggish feel away. It does improve the mental and physical health and increases the appeal of the place. The coating or glazing that is done of the skylights prevents the harmful UV rays form entering the houses.