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So you want to start gardening but don’t have the time? Maybe you have the time but don’t know where to start. That’s ok, here lies, 10 gardening hacks that will turn your thumb green and have your kids thinking you’re an expert gardener.

Let’s start off with some easy gardening hacks that will have you seeing results in no time. Are you ready?

Number 1 on the list is to do with growing certain types of fruits or veggies the easy way. First of all, what you’ll need is some upcycled glass jars, cans from old canned food or any other container large enough to house the tops of fruits like pineapple or vegetable like beetroot.

Basically, what you do is you cut the tops of beetroot or pineapple leaving a bit of leaf/stem intact, and place inside a glass jar or container. Fill the container with a bit of water but not too much, a couple of cm’s should do the trick.

Sit on window sill that receives natural light and watch it grow. Make sure to change the water regular as to maintain healthy clean water for you plant. You can do this with celery as well and I’m sure there’s a few others plants that we haven’t tried yet.

Number 2 on list of gardening hacks is using how to keep certain garden pest away. If our like us and the lovely neighbours cat acts like a pest in the garden sometimes, than vinegar is a good cat repellent.  Yes, that’s right. Good ol household vinegar.

All you need to do is throw some in a spray bottle or container, straight or diluted and put some vinegar around the edges of the garden. Use every couple of days or as needed to keep little tigger away. Either that or tell the neighbour to lock up his cat.

Vinegar has many uses in the garden, it can also kill weeds and other pest like slugs so give that a go as well.

Number 3 on the gardening hack list is setting up a compost at home. What better way to fertilise the garden than using the kitchen scraps for compost to make rich, healthy fertiliser for rich, healthy soil.

What you do if you don’t want to go full monty and buy a compost bin is use a planter pot of large enough container where you can throw all your kitchen scraps in.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to setup a compost at home, check composting tips – how to setup your own compost.

Number 4 is start with simple hacks like growing herbs inside the house. This easy gardening hack is designed for time poor families that want to grow their own beautiful herbs at home. For this hack, you can either purchase herb kits, like the ones we have available at our online store or setup your own. Check out 8 easy herbs to grow at home to help you get started.

Number 5 on the list is the self watering gardening hack. There’s many ways to do this but a simple and easy way to grab an old plastic water bottle. Grab barbecue skewers or a sharp object to poke holes in the bottle. Plant the bottle in the ground or pot next to your plants and/or veggies and just add water. That’s it, you have your own self watering system. More a more in depth look at the self watering system with a bottle, check out

I know the list is not extensive but I hope these easy gardening hacks can help get started with your gardening projects at home.

If you’ve got some handy hints, tricks or gardening tips, please share it below in the comments section.