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What are you doing to live a greener lifestyle? Have your recent choices for energy been on the greener side of consumption? Are you aware of the size of your carbon footprint and what that includes? Living a greener lifestyle is becoming a social requirement that is touching almost every aspect of everyone’s life.

Do you even know what a carbon footprint is? Well, if you go on over to the wiki a carbon footprint is described as the total of green house gases or GHG that are caused by events, people, companies or products. That pretty much covers it all don’t you think? GHG or the carbon emissions are all caused by what, the fuel that we use to do everything we all do. All this is not any big secret of course as most scientist as well as all us regular folks have known this for years. It’s only in the last year when the prices of gas jumped that people united collectively and finally said hey there has got to be a better way. People start paying attention when it takes money out of our savings accounts, don’t we?

Yep once the problem started to cost us more of our paychecks all of sudden saving the environment became more important to a lot more of us. Please do not get me wrong I am grateful that living a greener lifestyle is not just a whimsical saying anymore and it’s a lifestyle choice that more of us are actively living a greener lifestyle. It is just so unbelievable that it took us so long to do something about it.

So, what are you doing to live a greener lifestyle?

Can you think of a few of the more common changes people have made to have a smaller carbon footprint? Did you change your light bulbs and gone to the light bulbs that last years and use less energy? What do those twisty bulbs remind you of, they remind me of the old swirly straws that we used to use for all my kids drinks!

Do you really need to live in that big house your in right now? Consider it or not the idea of living in a smaller home is getting the attention of a lot of home owners and they have a good way of shrinking your carbon footprint than some of those big homes that you see around so many communities now a days. Then there are the coming soon electric cars and the hybrids that all car makers are building now.

I know that there are hundreds if not millions of other ways to live a greener lifestyle and I know that my family is doing our part.

I hope your’s is as wellArticle Submission, what are a few of the things that you have done to live a greener life in the last few months that would be a good tip for the rest of us?

Let us know in the comments below.