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To kick the new year off right, what better way than by sharing some hot tips for zero waste in the living room. The living room, for most people, is the other important room of the home.  You might think it doesn’t generate a lot of physical waste but it’s definitely a room that you can improve. So if you’re ready to start the second post in our zero waste series, then let’s jump straight into it.

One of the biggest issues, we are faced with today is waste and if we don’t all help out and do our bit, then things will just get worst for future generations.

As well as the physical waste that ends up at landfills, there’s also our waste generated from fossil fuels and energy.

In this series, we bring you helpful tips on how you can reduce your waste as well as your carbon footprint. How? By going zero waste at home.

How to go Zero Waste at Home

To help you with your efforts in going zero waste at home, we’ve started a blog series to assist you. The first blog in the series is about how to go zero waste in the kitchen. Seeing that most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and a lot of waste is generated here, this would be the best place to start.

Here are 8 tips on how to go zero waste in the living room

  1. Minimise.  When it comes to zero waste, prevention is better than cure. So before you go out and by that extra coffee table or tv unit, ask yourself “Do you really need it?” If you don’t, than you don’t need to add potential waste to the room
  2. Buy in bulk. Whenever you can, buy in bulk. That way you generate less waste and don’t have to shop so often. This can be good for the budget conscious as well and if you have excess items, you can always share with family or friends.
  3. Avoid non-sustainable products.  Especially plastic, like artificial plants and the like, which is probably one of the worst types of waste as it takes forever to break down. There’s probably a more sustainable version of the living decor you’re after.
  4. Save energy. As always, saving energy doesn’t have to be hard. It could be as simple as switching off unused appliances from the powerpoint. Before you go to bed, turn off the unused power. This could help reduce your carbon footprint.
  5. Start with energy efficient appliances. If you can, buy energy-efficient appliances. Yes, they could be more expensive but if you shop around for sales, you never know, you could pick up a bargain.
  6. Buy less stuff. Yes, that’s right. Stop buying stuff that you don’t really need or things that you won’t use. Don’t buy into the hype of having more than you need. All this in turn just goes to waste and ends up needlessly in the landfills.
  7. Recycle. This goes without saying, plus it’s not that hard once you get in the habit. Teach the kids how to recycle and the importance of recycling as well.
  8. Upcycle. I love this. Turning something old into something new of value. That old couch, don’t throw it out! You could probably upcycle it and get it upholstered. You could probably do the same and upcycle the coffee table as well.

So that’s our hot tips on going zero waste at home in the living room. If you would like to some zero waste tips for the kitchen. Check our 1st post in the series, Zero Waste Home Series – Tips to go Zero Waste in the Kitchen.

For an assessment of your waste, you can check out your local council or do a google search for free waste assessment in your local area.

If you have any tips to go zero waste in the living room, share it below and let’s help each other live better by living more sustainably.